Continuity Merchandising. Store Sets. Resets. Audits.

Quest is a retail services company that provides nationwide merchandising and in-store marketing services that enable retailers and product manufacturers to optimize their retail environments and focus on what they do best: Sales.

Channel Experience

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Office Supplies
  • Apparel
  • Food & Grocery
  • Pets
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Goods
  • Furniture
  • Convenience
  • Toys

National Coverage

Our national network of experienced and skilled employees visits thousands of stores every month in every major and secondary market in the United States, offering your organization the ability to execute in-store initiatives on a large scale using one service company. This also enables Quest to rollout new vendor and retailer programs nationwide with minimal ramp up timetables.

Merchandising Services

Continuity, Surge and Cycle Merchandising

Quest in-store merchandising representatives nationwide provide in-store merchandising services including Planogram execution and maintenance, display and shelf stocking, product cut-ins, and graphics and POP installation. We can service your products on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the need, as well as during critical surges, such as the fourth quarter/holiday shopping season and special in-store promotions.

New Store Sets

The Quest merchandising team performs new store sets which involve the placement of merchandise on the displays and shelves according to your Planograms.

Store and Department Resets

Maintaining the right mix of products and the optimal placement of those products on your displays are continuous challenges. Quest will reset your displays to new Planograms when changes are required. In cases in which products are being removed from the displays during the resets, Quest will collect those products and give them to store personnel.

Cross Merchandising

Cross merchandising is an important way to promote your products in different store departments. Quest performs a variety of in-store services that ensure that your cross merchandising initiatives are effective, including: audits, display and POP assembly and placement, and stocking.

Price Shops

Quest performs price shops nationwide that enable you to track SKU pricing over time across multiple retailers in different regions, with the ultimate goal of developing ongoing marketplace strategies. Pricing data is collected in-store by our experienced national merchandising team and entered into our In-Store Service Reporting System, available to you online 24/7/365.

Literature Distribution and Refills

Quest in-store merchandising representatives ensure that your product literature is available and visible in the stores. This includes installing and filling literature racks, refilling racks, attaching literature pads to displays, and keeping in-store binders and other product manuals up-to-date.

Store Surveys and Audits

Quest provides store survey and audit services that enable you to monitor conditions in the aisles and plan for future initiatives. Store surveys are commonly utilized to understand the current status of displays, inventory levels, POP placement, and competitor initiatives, and then develop marketplace strategies. Audits enable you to track compliance of your initiatives, such as promotions, resets, and cross merchandising, and to form action plans to address outstanding issues. Our in-store merchandising representatives offer visibility into store activity, giving you a level of insight into the stores not previously possible.


Photographs of your store sets, cross merchandising initiatives, and retail promotions provide the visual documentation you need to manage your business. Quest in-store merchandising representatives upload photographs to our In-Store Service Reporting System which enables you to access them 24/7/365 and review your initiatives down to the store level. When matched with in-store visit reports submitted by our representatives, you’ll have a clear window into the stores.

Relabeling SKUs and POP

Quest in-store merchandising representatives provide relabeling services for your products and POP in the event that packaging and sign modifications are required. With our nationwide team of representatives, we can execute these projects quickly, especially in cases in which the new labeling is mandated.

Product Recalls

When products are recalled, having the resources to remove those products from the stores immediately is critical. With our nationwide network of in-store merchandising representatives, we can offer you the peace of mind of knowing that the stores will be serviced quickly and the products removed.

Store Level Reordering Facilitation

Quest in-store merchandising representatives work closely with store personnel to monitor on-hand inventory levels and to suggest that the stores reorder your products when necessary. This service ensures that your products receive the appropriate attention from store personnel and that your SKUs are continually restocked and available to consumers.

Out-of-stock Tracking

Quest in-store merchandising representatives report on your out-of-stock products in the stores by performing physical searches and confirming on-hand amounts with store personnel. You’ll have enhanced insight into the actual inventory levels at the stores and will be able to act on potential distribution issues.

In-Store Marketing Services

In-Store Demonstrations

Quest performs in-store product demonstrations utilizing representatives trained on the features and benefits of your products. These in-store demonstrations, which typically occur on weekends during peak shopping hours, enable consumers to see your products in actual use and acquire more in-depth information on the products. Demonstrations are an ideal way to introduce a new product, differentiate your products from competitors, and drive incremental sales. The demonstrations take place in the aisle or at the front of the store.

Product Knowledge Training

Quest in-store merchandising representatives, fully trained on the features and benefits of your products, will provide in-store, in-aisle product knowledge training sessions to store personnel. This training will enable the store personnel to accurately relay product information to consumers and will place your products at the top of the list when they are making product recommendations. During the product knowledge training sessions, Quest representatives will also intercept consumers to promote your brand and products on a one-to-one basis, driving awareness and sales.

Sales Assistance

Quest in-store merchandising representatives supplement the store personnel in the aisles, especially during surges, promotions, and holidays, ensuring that your products receive the attention they require and that your display is presentable. Our representatives will serve as ambassadors for your product line in the stores by promoting your brand, directing consumers to your display area and answering questions about your products.